My name is Wayne Chadburn and I am one of the 15 councillors on Penistone Town Council.  I am one of the 3 councillors representing the Thurlstone and Millhouse Green ward.  The work of the town council is very much apolitical and all councillors of whatever political hue, work together for the benefit of Penistone and its residents.

Whilst the town council and its town councillors have little ability to tackle issues like dog mess, litter, anti-social behaviour, planning issues, we can play a part in voicing our residents concerns with our borough councillors, MP and the borough council itself.

Over the previous few years the Town Council has been working hard at producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).   This plan has now been completed and its final stage before adoption is to pass a referendum.  This will take place on Thursday 11th July.  The NDP gives our community some ownership of future developments within our town boundaries.  It is a legally binding document and works in conjunction with Barnsley’s Local Plan.  You can read more about the process of developing the NDP at  .  You can download a copy of the NDP at

for a low resolution copy or at

for a high resolution copy.

For me, after the NDP is adopted, the next big piece of work our town council needs to work on is how to develop our local economy and specifically ensure our town centre has a future.  We have lost all our banks over the last few years and a number of shops and businesses have closed or moved on.  Whilst there are signs of some regeneration, particularly with the opening recently of Penistone Fruit and Veg, there is much to do.  We need to develop our town centre so it is a vibrant place for people to come in the daytime to shop and for people and families to come to in the evening for entertainment.  At a time when highstreets across the country and in decay, this will not be an easy task, however with the local resources and entrepreneurship we have in the town, it is possible.

As a Town Councillor I am happy to help in any way I possibly can.  Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help, wherever you live.

I can be contacted by email using, by phone on 07725974952.

I also have a presence on twitter (@waynechadburn) and facebook.

I’m here to work for ALL the residents of Penistone and I want to play a part in making Penistone the best place it can possibly be for all people – young and old, visitor, resident or business-person.  Please help me to do this.