About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Wayne Chadburn and I live in the beautiful market town of Penistone, South Yorkshire.

I was born in 1969 in Huddersfield and am a very proud Yorkshireman.  I’ve lived the vast majority of my life in South Yorkshire (apart from the first few months of my life and 3 years at university in Nottingham).

I graduated with a first class honours degree in mathematics and physics and then a PGCE in secondary mathematics.

I have been a mathematics teacher since September 1995 and am currently leading the mathematics department at All Saints Catholic High School in the centre of Sheffield.

I have a big interest in politics and would probably describe myself as a liberal with a slice of libertarian in there somewhere.  I was a member of the Labour party from the age of 16 till about 4 years ago.  I certainly do not support the Labour party in its current guise.  I’m a devolutionist who believes that power and responsibility should be passed down to the smallest possible entity – whether that is regional, city or town/parish.  Far too much power is centralised in Westminster and more should be passed to the regions.  I’m also passionate about electoral reform.  Until everyone’s vote means the same and carries the same weight, we cannot begin to re-build our broken democracy.  Whilst I am very liberal in my outlook of all the political parties at the moment, the Yorkshire party and the Liberal Democrats are be the closest to my views.  I did vote for Brexit and still believe this is the right path for our country.  My reasons were democratic and financial rather than immigration based.  I am certainly no UKIP-PER.

I am a town councillor, sitting on Penistone Town Council (which covers the town of Penistone and the outlying villages of Cubley, Springvale, Hoylandswaine, Millhouse and Thurlstone).  I am one of the 6 members of the council which represent the town of Penistone.

Outside of work and local politics, I am a season ticket holder at Sheffield United and a Yorkshire CCC supporter.  When I get the chance I also like to go and watch my local non-league team Penistone Church FC.  I enjoy reading, cooking and drinking good quality red wine and real ale.

I am also developing an educational blog/resource site as part of my professional life as a teacher.  This is at www.mrchadburn.co.uk where I blog about educational issues of interest to me and make resources I’ve developed and used in my classroom available to others free of charge.