Alternative new year message from an old curmudgeon

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As one of, I suspect, a silent majority, I want to deliver an alternative New Year message.  I’m not going to wish you a happy new year because, if you are part of the silent majority you won’t appreciate the message.  If you are like me, you hate new year and its faux fresh start and you will particularly hate the idea that you have to stay up till midnight to “see the new year in”. Yuck!

Don’t get me wrong, I may be an old curmudgeon, but I’m not opposed to celebrations.  I like birthdays and I generally love Christmas and all that Christmas entails.  Christmas is a time to spend with those you love (some of whom may be your family).  Its message of goodwill to all is something to which I try to subscribe – though I would suspect this would be more meaningful if I were living this idea all year through, not just at Christmas (I try to but I do fail sometimes).

But new year – no thank you.  I hate the forced conviviality of everyone hugging and shaking hands at the stroke of midnight – it really does make me cringe yet I go through with it through gritted teeth because “everyone else does”.  It just happens to be one of 365 midnights we go through each year – just by chance it is the one where we switch from December to January hence this is the one when we have to get sickly sweet with each other and oh my god please no – sing Auld Lang Syne.  Personally I think I would rather spend a week talking philosophy with Joey Essex than have to go through the rigmarole of singing that horrible Scottish song – it really should be banned.

The only think I do look forward to is waking up on New Years Day without a hangover, because I never over indulge, particularly on this evening and often try to go to bed before the clock strikes midnight anyway.  I think it is the self-satisfied smugness that comes with the awareness that I’m feeling good whilst the muppets that have been singing Auld Lang Syne all night are waking up with an out of tune and very loud orchestra playing in their ears.

What about the fresh start that New Year brings I hear you shout at me.  Yeah right – like all those best intentions for new year continue?  You shouldn’t need a New Year celebration to change things in your life for the better.  You should always be looking for ways to do this whether it’s the 1st of January or 16th July!

So, as an old curmudgeon I give you a different new year message – I’m not going to wish you a happy 2018 (though I hope you have one) but I am going to say make every day a new year and a fresh start – I’m going to try (and no that is not a new years resolution).

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Wayne Chadburn

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