Benedict should shut up says ex Tory attack dog

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benedict cumberbatchletterIt was reported in today’s Times newspaper that Nick Timothy, ex-SpAd, chief of staff and chief attack dog for Theresa May had fired a broadside against actor Benedict Cumberbatch and the celebrity sorts who deign to voice opinions outside the sphere of entertainment.   The report emanates from a piece Mr Timothy has written for that bastion of liberal (and of course non-pompous) thinking, the Conservative Home website.  He asks…

“Is there anybody in Britain more annoying than Benedict Cumberbatch? The 39-year-old thesp is wonderful to watch as he plays Sherlock Holmes, Hamlet or Stephen Hawking – although Eddie Redmayne’s portrayal was surely superior – but what on Earth does Cumberbatch think qualifies him to opine so forcefully on every political matter of the day, from spending cuts to counter-terrorism policy?”

nick timothyHe opines his own wish for 2016 that…

“…these pompous, hypocritical, self-obsessed political celebrities would take a vow of silence.”

Of course Mr Timothy is entitled to his opinions and I am sure he is totally right in his views that people, particularly well know people or those with responsible positions, should have some qualification or expertise on a topic before offering views on it.   Of course since leaving the home office, Mr Timothy, I’m sure without any help from his past masters and mistresses, moved on to be director of the New Schools Network, a mouth piece/support group of Free Schools in English state education.  I’ve not yet managed to nail down whether Mr Timothy had any sort of teaching qualification that may qualify him for a role in charge of an organisation whose business is education or, more importantly, offer views on education.  I’m sure hypocrisy isn’t quite as annoying to Mr Timothy as opinionated plebs.

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Wayne Chadburn

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