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Help me shine a light on grubby goings on in Barnsley council chamber

I wrote last week on this blog about the leadership of Barnsley council attempting to stifle scrutiny and accountability in the chamber of the council by altering standing orders.  I explained that last year a councillor was elected in Penistone West (Cllr Hannah Kitching) which made the ruling group and opposition uncomfortable.  For the first… Read More »

Parliament Ltd – You must read this book

I have just finished reading one of the most interesting and enlightening books I have ever read.  Parliament Ltd by Martin Williams is a book which everyone should read.  If, as the new Independent Group say, politics is broken, this book makes it clear it isn’t just broken it is shattered and probably beyond repair with… Read More »

Shame on Barnsley Councillors

Yesterday, in the Barnsley Chronicle, I read an article about how our newly elected Lib Dem councillor Hannah Kitching had been treated when she had turned down the nomination to sit on the planning board of Barnsley council.  You can read the article here The claims in the article made me feel incredibly uncomfortable… Read More »