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Rise like a Yorkshire Pudding

Two years ago on Yorkshire Day, as part of a campaign to raise awareness of Yorkshire’s voice being strangled and the region being ignored by Westminster, I ‘gagged’ the statue of Dickie Bird in Barnsley town centre. (no harm was done and I ‘ungagged’ him after I’d taken some photo’s)  Two Yorkshire Day’s later and… Read More »

Rainbow over Penistone?

Whilst walking my dog this morning I took this photograph of a rainbow.  Ironically, considering the fact it has been in the local and even national news this week, the rainbow is arching over our local secondary school, Penistone Grammar School (it isn’t a grammar school – it just hasn’t lost the ‘grammar’ from its… Read More »

What is 7 x 8 Secretary of State?

I just LOVE hypocrisy!  Ergo I love the Secretary of State for Education, the Rt Hon. Nicky Morgan MP. It has been announced that ALL pupils at the age of 11 will be expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12.  To ensure this and tar and feather them and their teachers if they… Read More »

Benedict should shut up says ex Tory attack dog

It was reported in today’s Times newspaper that Nick Timothy, ex-SpAd, chief of staff and chief attack dog for Theresa May had fired a broadside against actor Benedict Cumberbatch and the celebrity sorts who deign to voice opinions outside the sphere of entertainment.   The report emanates from a piece Mr Timothy has written for that… Read More »