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Help me shine a light on grubby goings on in Barnsley council chamber

I wrote last week on this blog about the leadership of Barnsley council attempting to stifle scrutiny and accountability in the chamber of the council by altering standing orders.  I explained that last year a councillor was elected in Penistone West (Cllr Hannah Kitching) which made the ruling group and opposition uncomfortable.  For the first… Read More »

Houghton has accepted crumbs – he could have had cake

So the deal has been struck. Never mind consulting the people of South Yorkshire (and North Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire don’t forget) whether this is the form of devolution they actually want. Never mind actually explaining to the people what this will actually mean. No, Sir Steve Houghton and his local government henchmen and women… Read More »

Council leaders abdicating their responsibilities to our future

Devolution bids have gone in from various parts of Yorkshire to the chancellor this month. I wonder if any of you outside the council chambers had any say on this? I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of manifesto’s put out by candidates supporting this form of devolution said little if anything about the power… Read More »