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Houghton has accepted crumbs – he could have had cake

So the deal has been struck. Never mind consulting the people of South Yorkshire (and North Nottinghamshire and North Derbyshire don’t forget) whether this is the form of devolution they actually want. Never mind actually explaining to the people what this will actually mean. No, Sir Steve Houghton and his local government henchmen and women… Read More »

The tail does NOT wag the dog!

As I said yesterday in my previous post, I’ve written to the Barnsley Chronicle, Yorkshire Post and Sheffield Star to try and spark some sort of debate about the appalling devolution bids that have gone into the chancellor and in particular the abdication of responsibility towards how we educate our future generations, in my opinion… Read More »

Divided we fall, United we stand

What even William the Conqueror failed to do in the 11th century, some of our narrow minded council leaders may be on the verge of doing – destroying the proud and historic county of Yorkshire.  A number of devolution bids (I say devolution with tongue in cheek because surely what these people are bidding for… Read More »

Council leaders abdicating their responsibilities to our future

Devolution bids have gone in from various parts of Yorkshire to the chancellor this month. I wonder if any of you outside the council chambers had any say on this? I’m pretty sure that the vast majority of manifesto’s put out by candidates supporting this form of devolution said little if anything about the power… Read More »

Reaction to Dearne North

Yesterday Yorkshire First recorded its best ever election performance gaining 10% of the vote in the Dearne North by-election to Barnsley Council. This is a ward we have never ever stood in and one which has always elected Labour councillors by massive majorities. In a ward where UKIP polled 37% of the vote in 2014… Read More »