Corbyn MUST go

By | July 3, 2016
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corbynI write this post as the country, post referendum, continues to where the leadership is coming from in Westminster. I will place on record now that I voted to leave the EU and will go into my reasons why in a future post. I’d also like to place on record that I am not one of those leave voters who voted for it and regretted it after the result. I do believe we have a unique opportunity in this country to look at and completely change the way we are governed. As I say, I will go into this in more depth in a future post.

In this post I’d like to focus on this dearth of leadership our country currently suffers from and of which it desperately needs. I’m not going to focus on the search for a new Prime Minister. I totally understand the decision by David Cameron that he is not the man to lead Brexit negotiations and the Tory party, if they are sensible enough, will learn from the coronation of Gordon Brown as leader and Prime Minister and will go through an election. If I had a choice, I’d prefer Michael Gove as the new Prime Minister. Unlike the vast majority of my colleagues in the education business, I respect Mr Gove immensely – particularly his intellect.

The main thrust of the post will look at the total mess in which the Labour party currently finds itself.

The referendum was, let us be honest, a self-inflicted, and ultimately fatal, wound for David Cameron. He did not need to call a referendum and was too gutless and vacuous in terms of policy to face off the threat of his own right wing and the perceived threat of UKIP. However that is now history and the Tory party are in disarray and will be until a new leader is in place. At this time, the Labour party should be making hay and showing real leadership and real opposition and positioning themselves to be seen by the population as an alternative government with progressive ideas for how to manage Brexit, keeping the economy strong and protecting workers rights and developing a growing cry for real democracy.

Unfortunately, because of a decision taken last September, the Labour Party looks like a bunch of moronic imbeciles too interested in navel gazing that leading the country. They are now paying the price for the vanity exercise the muppets on the far left of the party felt they could afford by installing the totally inept Jeremy Corbyn as their leader. As someone who was an active member and supporter of the party from the age of 16 to the recent past, I’m both appalled and deeply upset by the current state of the party I once thought had the talent and ideas to radically change this country for the better.

Democratic mandate be damned – Jeremy Corbyn and his momentum henchmen and women are ripping the Labour party apart. They, if they are not stopped, will achieve something Margaret Thatcher never managed to achieve – totally destroy the Labour party. It may already be too late and it may be the time for the Labour party to split into the group that still holds to the vanity exercise of a Corbyn style figure in charge – one the people of the UK would never ever EVER deliver into Downing Street and the more pragmatic part who realise that principles are great but principles without power deliver nothing.

Jeremy Corbyn and particularly his odious praetorian guard of John McDonnell, Seamus Milne, Dianne Abbott et al would rather destroy the Labour party and its electoral chances than realise their vanity project has failed. The sight of Corbyn and co moving around the deckchairs on their own version of the Titanic whilst trying to put together a shadow cabinet of total inexperience, and in some cases incompetence, just to try and show the pretence of knowing what they are doing would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

I left the Labour party just over 2 years ago because I was unhappy with the direction it was going in under Ed Miliband. Well this is nothing in comparison to now. Even since then I’ve been more than happy to vote for Labour politicians like my own MP Angela Smith because I respect them and they work hard and I am usually of the belief that you vote for the person not the party. However if this bunch of incompetent nincompoops stays in power I can no longer justify my vote being counted as supportive of their naïve and suicidal project.

I rarely agree with much of what David Cameron says but he hit the nail on the head on Wednesday at Prime Ministers Questions when he said to Jeremy Corbyn, for the sake of the country man go NOW!

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