Drunk in charge of the country?

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New recommendations are expected to tell the great British public that they need to abstain from alcohol for at least two days every week and reduce the weekly recommended allowance for men to 14 units which is the same as women.

This news comes hot on the trail of a rather frantic new year where copious amounts of alcohol has been consumed across the country over the festive period.  A particular picture from the new year ‘celebrations’ has become viral after being turned into various art works…

pissed in manchester 1      pissed in manchester 2

The recommendations will be published by the government in the next couple of weeks just as Speaker Bercow decides to use a loophole in the freedom of information act to cover up the fact the people who make our laws drink heavily regularly on cheap alcohol.  A request under the FoI act by the press association, which is feared could raise concerns about the drinking culture in Westminsters subsidised bars.  In a city where the average price of a pint is £4 our esteemed law makers pay under £3.  I suppose when they earn only £76000pa plus expenses and allowances they deserve this reduction.  I suppose to vote for some of the bills they are asked to they do need to be inebriated..

In the words of speaker Bercow in explaining why he is refusing to divulge how drunk the House of Commons actually gets on cheap (subsidised at the tax payers expense) booze…

“The speaker of the House of Commons has formed the reasonable opinion…that disclosure of this information would inhibit the free and frank provision of advice and the free and frank exchange of views for the purpose of deliberation”

I think we could reasonably substitute the word alcohol for advice.  In other words the more drunk they get the franker their views become!

I’m sure the new recommendations will go down well and of course be adhered to by the binge drinkers across the road from where at live at the Bridge in Penistone as they take advantage of the happy hours that last anything but an hour!  I attempted to ask a Bridge regular – regularly driving down in either his car or mobility scooter (even though he is quite able bodied before his skin full – you know who you are) – his opinion as he finished the 4th of the pints he had lined up as happy hour(s) had finished but unfortunately he was in too much of a hurry to get into his car to drive home to comment.


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