Is Sir Steve Barnsley’s own snake oil salesman?

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snake oil salesmanLast week I wrote to Barnsley Council leader and chair of the Sheffield City Region, Sir Steve Houghton.  I challenged him to a debate about the ‘devolution’ deal he signed with Chancellor George Osborne.  I suggested doing it in the page of the Barnsley Chronicle – the widely read weekly newspaper in Barnsley.  My intention is to try and raise the issue with the electorate as a whole.  My utter despair at what Sir Steve has signed up to has been documented in previous posts on this blog.  I don’t intend going into those again.

Today I received a reply.  I have posted it below with a couple of comments to translate what he really means (my words not his!)

Houghton Letter

One thing for certain.  I will comment on the consultation.  I will keep shouting about this – whatever you think Sir Steve.  Myself and the rest of Yorkshire First will keep pushing for REAL consultation.

What are you actually scared of Sir Steve?  You are an erudite, skilled political operator.  I’m a bald, chubby mathematics teacher.  You can’t be scared of me so you must be scared of what you are trying to sell – are you really a snake oil salesman?  Prove you aren’t and debate us!

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Wayne Chadburn

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