My vision for Penistone

By | April 12, 2019
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Imagine if the town council had the power to influence local planning decisions. The vision of the Yorkshire Party is that power is devolved down to the lowest possible level to give local people real responsibilities and decision-making powers. In a fully devolved Yorkshire, this is what could happen in Penistone. Instead of just being able to comment and be ignored by Barnsley MBC, the town council could actually acquire some real influence in the future development of our town.
On May 2nd I will be asking for your support to continue as a Town Councillor on Penistone Town Council. I’ve spent the last four years, along with my colleagues on the council, working hard for the people of Penistone. We’ve developed a neighbourhood development plan which, if accepted by the people of Penistone, will have significant influence on future developments in our locality. We’ve secured the lease to the Penistone Paramount into the future meaning that this wonderful place will still be run by the people of Penistone, for the people of Penistone for a long time to come.
There is still so much to do however. Our high street is struggling, our market barn is totally underused and a magnet for anti-social behaviour at night. Our local infrastructure is at breaking point (if it hasn’t passed that already). Our public transport network is inadequate and too unreliable. All of these issues are outside the domain of responsibility of the town council however we can start asking awkward questions and put pressure on and influencing those who have these powers.
I have a vision for Penistone where our market barn and our high street, along with our Paramount, are the highlights of the town which people from much wider areas want to come and experience. I want to see a vibrant high street full of a variety of local shops selling local produce and local businesses which serve local shopping and economic needs through the day and at night our high street is a safe, enjoyable and varied place to socialise and visit.
I want to see better quality train and bus services which connect us more regularly and reliably to our outlying villages as well as Barnsley, Sheffield, Huddersfield and Leeds.
I want to see a market barn which is utilised for regular events not just a Thursday and Saturday market. The Penistone Paramount is the popular place it is because it is under the control of the town council. Left to Barnsley MBC, I’m sure the Paramount would be yet another shell of a building. Maybe we need to apply a similar approach to our market barn?
Our Town council needs to be able to take on more responsibilities because it does have a proven track record of delivering for local people. We want to benefit the people of Penistone, not just be the cash cow of Barnsley.
These are the issues I want to see our Town Council push over the next four years and beyond.

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