My wow moment and the Yorkshire Party

The Yorkshire Party was formed 5 years ago to fight the European elections of 2014. Almost 5 years ago, in early July 2014, the Tour de France used Yorkshire as its Grand Depart – for two glorious days bringing to a global audience the beauty and diversity of “God’s own county”, the county of Yorkshire. … Read More »

My vision for Penistone

Imagine if the town council had the power to influence local planning decisions. The vision of the Yorkshire Party is that power is devolved down to the lowest possible level to give local people real responsibilities and decision-making powers. In a fully devolved Yorkshire, this is what could happen in Penistone. Instead of just being… Read More »

Time for revolution in Barnsley?

I am an avid reader of the letters page in the Barnsley Chronicle (and have been known to contribute to it myself occasionally).  This week contained a letter from a gentleman in Monk Bretton which I found rather depressing. The premise of his letter is that he won’t be voting on May 2nd – in… Read More »

Hinterland by Chris Mullin

Hinterland is one of the most readable, enjoyable and interesting political memoirs I’ve read (and I’ve read quite a few). Chris Mullin, whilst not getting as far as the cabinet (though judging from one nugget from this book if he’d have carried his pager he may have done!) has had a long and varied career as… Read More »

A real peoples vote?

Brexit has turned the UK into an international laughing stock.  At least this is one thing that both Brexiteers and Remainers can agree on.  We approach the 29th March no nearer a solution to our membership of the EU than we were on the morning of 24th June 2016.  We have never been more needing… Read More »