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Barnsley council don’t like scrutiny or democracy

The local government association states that one of the key roles residents expect their councillors to fulfil is to “represent their views at council meetings”.  So what do you do when you are the leader of a council with an overwhelming majority and a councillor has been elected who starts doing just this – asking… Read More »

D-Day for Devolution Deal in Barnsley

Tomorrow Barnsley council could be the first authority to ratify the Sheffield City Region Devolution deal agreed by the region’s council leaders and Chancellor George Osborne. I’m on record on this blog and beyond as being totally against this deal because it isn’t real devolution, it isn’t democratic, it is selling Yorkshire short and could… Read More »

Penistone West is one to watch

After the nominations I thought I would update everyone on who is standing in Penistone West and in the consituency. I’ve blogged about the ridiculous nominations process and the hoops you have to jump through just to get you on the ballot paper not to mention you standing for a party that isn’t an established… Read More »