The definition of a feckless pillock

By | February 5, 2017
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Daniel Kawczynski is the Conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham.

According to his Wikipedia profile, he studied Business Studies with Languages at Stirling University.

This weekend he posted at tweet on his twitter account explaining, he believed, that Labour should never be trusted with the economy as borrowing goes through the roof and the Conservatives are the fiscally astute party who bring borrowing under control.

Unfortunately either he wasn’t very good at Stirling at reading charts or he has forgotten, because he clearly didn’t look closely enough at the horizontal axis.  Here is the tweet with some added information:

Under the chancellorship of Gordon Brown, borrowing went DOWN compared with the chancellorship of Kenneth Clarke (a Conservative).  Yes borrowing did start to rise sharply under the chancellorship of Alistair Darling – but, as we remember, there was that little thing called the international financial meltdown.  Borrowing spiked in every country more or less.

Now, if we follow Mr Kawczynski’s reasoning to its logical conclusion, we’d expect the financially prudent and astute chancellorship of CONSERVATIVE George Osborne to have brought borrowing under control and reduced it.  Well bugger me – it’s continued to rise – to nearly three times the level it was in the middle of the Gordon Brown (Labour) chancellorship.

I suppose it isn’t surprising that Mr Kawczynski has deleted the said tweet.  Fortunately someone managed to keep it for posterity.

The moral of the tale is, stop trying to make political points where they don’t exist and don’t tweet about things you clearly haven’t got a clue about you feckless pillock.

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