The tail does NOT wag the dog!

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tail wagging the dogAs I said yesterday in my previous post, I’ve written to the Barnsley Chronicle, Yorkshire Post and Sheffield Star to try and spark some sort of debate about the appalling devolution bids that have gone into the chancellor and in particular the abdication of responsibility towards how we educate our future generations, in my opinion (though I am biased) the most important thing society can do.

I’m pleased to report that already the Sheffield Star has published my letter as their “Star Letter” of the day.  They clearly believe there is either merit in its contents or that it may provoke discussion (I believe both of course).  You can see it below…


Whilst it is nice to see my letter published my hope is more that it kickstarts some sort of discussion and importantly awareness as to what these council leaders are trying to do without any sort of mandate from their electorate.

The Sheffield Star is read widely across South Yorkshire so maybe, just maybe we could get some reaction from local councillors and particularly the general public because I’m convinced most do not know what is being done in their name.  I also believe many would not approve when they do know.

At the moment devolution Scotland (or even Wales) style isn’t even being considered by the government, local councils or HM opposition.  How can we make an informed and proper decision about how we want to be governed if we are presented with a single, in my opinion deeply flawed and very undemocratic option.  Public awareness and debate are key to this issue.  The government and our council leaders are scared of this because they don’t believe we will provide the ‘correct’ decision – the decision that keeps the ‘usual suspects’ in control.  But they believe the tail wags the dog.  We need to make them aware it is actually the other way round!


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Wayne Chadburn

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