The wilting Labour rose

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dying-roseJeremy Corbyn has been re-elected as leader of the Labour Party with a larger mandate than before.  This increased vote is a huge vote of confidence in Corbyn by the membership of the Labour Party and must now surely secure his position until the 2020 general election – or whenever Theresa May decides to call one.
The big questions now are over what happens next to the Labour Party.  Serious questions now need to be asked of the 170 or so Labour MPs who voted no confidence in Corbyn and manoeuvred for this leadership election.  Of course they didn’t want a leadership election at all because they knew that, if Corbyn was to get his name on the ballot paper there was only going to be one winner – and they were right!  No they wanted Corbyn to fall on his sword so they could put up one of their own as an ‘electable’ leader.
The problem with this then and the reason why those Labour MPs who manoeuvred against Corbyn won’t do the honourable thing now and break from the party to form a new Social Democratic Party is the dearth of leadership across the left at the moment.  There is not one person who has the guts or the gumption to stand up and lead.  This is exactly why Corbyn was elected in the first place.  Can we honestly say that Corbyn is the sort of speaker that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck?  Does he have the intellectual ability to develop a new way in British politics that appeals to the mass of the electorate whilst steering away from the status quo?  Is his rhetoric that of the firebrand?  More like the rhetoric of a muesli guzzling hippy just getting over their last ‘trip’.  The only reason he was elected is because he was the only Pygmy on the left that said anything remotely different to the tried, tested, tired out and trashed dogma developed at the fag end of the Labour government.  By this time those in the Labour Party were crying out for something a bit different.  Let us not forget the only reason he ended up on the ballot paper was because of the pomposity and sanctimoniousness of those that now decry him.  A number of those who have no confidence in him nominated him because they wanted as ‘wider field as possible’ thinking there was no way on earth he would be elected.  Well to quote my mother in law – they sh#t their pot full didn’t they?!
The problem with the left now is there is no one who has the gravitas and intellectually stature to actually lead effectively and challenge the tired out rhetoric of the past as well as the increasingly right wing agenda from the current government.  I have respect and time for people like Dan Jarvis and Chuka Umuna but both seem rather hollow in their convictions as do most of those centrist MPs.  Those on the left, like Corbyn just want to caucus and discuss and eat soya beans.  There is no excitement or frisson from any of the various factions on the left.  The SDP in the 1980s came about because there were men and women of conviction and intellectual ability who were able to manufacture and lead a new political force.  Even on the left there were those who, whilst you might not have agreed with them, could make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck when they spoke.  These relative giants spoke from the heart not from Das Kapital, Chairman Mao’s little red book or the McKinsey hand book.
No – the Labour Party will stay intact because, they will say, it is now important to be unified.  We’ll see how unification feels when the anti-Corbyn faction are picked off one by one by the Corbyn disciples in momentum during the selection meetings that will take place between now and the election.  The real reason they will stay intact is because the left no longer has men and women of stature and intellectual ability and capability.  The lunatics are in charge of the asylum because the pygmies have allowed it and they have not the wherewithal to do anything about it.
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Wayne Chadburn

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