Time for revolution in Barnsley?

By | April 7, 2019
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I am an avid reader of the letters page in the Barnsley Chronicle (and have been known to contribute to it myself occasionally).  This week contained a letter from a gentleman in Monk Bretton which I found rather depressing.

The premise of his letter is that he won’t be voting on May 2nd – in fact he has already torn his polling card up.  His reasoning being that he isn’t going to vote for the same group of councillors who ignore the residents of Barnsley, finishing off with “if no-one votes for them they may get the message and stand down”.  How sad. how depressing. How wrong!

Unfortunately one thing I do know about our crop of councillors is that the physical size of their vote and the turn out in their ward concerns them not a jot and the only thing that not voting achieves is allow the dinosaurs that roam the Barnsley council chamber to continue picking up their allowances for nodding their heads at the correct moments and continue to facilitate the one-party state that Barnsley is.

I am convinced that not all candidates for council seats are in it for what they can get.  We need more councillors elected who are happy to stir it up a bit and upset the status quo.  The Barnsley council leadership don’t like it when someone different arrives and doesn’t do as they are told.  We need more people like this representing us – doing it for their constituents, not their allowance, doing it for their ward, not their party.

The last thing you should be doing is tearing up your polling card.  What you should be doing is looking carefully at the others standing in your ward.  Albert Einstein coined the phrase that “the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result”.  Unfortunately, we in the Barnsley borough seem to prove Albert Einstein’s adage every year.  My message to the gentleman in Monk Bretton and the ladies and gentlemen across the borough of Barnsley is don’t do what you’ve always done – don’t vote through the nodding dog and don’t just sit on your hands, ignore it and chunter that they are all the same.  Do something about it and be proactive – look at a candidate from a minor party who hasn’t got a prehistoric behemoth behind them for protection or look at an independent.  Be sure that person has the right interests of your ward in mind and isn’t intending using the role of councillor to spout their own vitriol and ignorance.  Ask some questions of your candidates and do something a bit different on May 2nd.

When things stay the same, we get stagnation.  When things differ, we get evolution and I believe that Barnsley has had enough stagnation now – we need evolution …. or maybe even revolution?

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