We are the April Fools if we trust Sir Steve

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steve houghtonToday is the 30th November.  Tomorrow December begins.  Tomorrow Sir Steve Houghton will be shown for the charlatan he is.  Strong words but I feel deserved words.

Sir Steve has, on my behalf (but without my permission or even the semblance of asking me) signed a deal with Chancellor George Osborne to deliver mickey mouse devolution to South Yorkshire and effectively split the southern part of the county from the historic entity that is Yorkshire.


He promised me and us real consultation.  I wrote to him personally and he told me that consultation would begin in November…

letterAt the October meeting of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, which is the organisation that effectively the devolution deal is built around, Sir Steve even gave a specific date for when consultation would begin… November 16th.


Well November 16th is well past and December begins tomorrow.  I have been checking the Combined Authority website as well as Barnsley council’s website regularly as well as performing regular google searches to see whether consultation has begin but I missed it.  I drew a blank each time.  Not even any sort of reasoning as to WHY there may have been a delay in the consultation process.

My only conclusion is that we cannot believe a word Sir Steve says.  He is typical of the career politician he clearly seeks to be (he is favorite to become the ‘first’ metro mayor for this region – with a nice salary and expense account).

Notice from the minutes the date the deal is supposed to be implemented…. April 1st.

Could the whole thing be an April Fools joke?  I hope so!


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Wayne Chadburn

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